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Project introduction
  • Owner:Dobe Group
  • Project Type:Commericial Complex   
  • Gross Floor Area:29,000 sqm

DoBe WE' INTERNATIONAL HUB@TEMPLE OF HEAVEN is an office park developed by the Dobe Group. The park is located next to the East Gate of the Temple of Heaven in Dongcheng District, Beijing, and is a highly distinctive high-end international cultural and creative park. The park was transformed from the Tianqiao Antique City and was carefully designed by the famous Italian architect Mr. Boeri, combining elegant environment, historical heritage, and architectural beauty. The park has a well-equipped art square, community center, theater, gallery, and outdoor courtyard, making it an ideal venue for various high-end art exhibitions, brand launches, and aesthetic activities. The first party of the project is cooperating with state-owned entities to reuse and restore these six buildings by fully preserving and reusing their original architectural structures in our transformation. The project follows the LEED green building standard system for construction, emphasizing comfort, and is constructed based on high technology and low energy consumption. It has become China's first LEED-ND v4 Gold project.

Green Infrastructure

Energy Saving:18%

Water Saving: 53%


Surrounded by a wealth of life

 and service facilities

Smart Location and Linkage

Located in City Core Area

Rating System:LEEDv4 ND

Certification Level:Gold (67 points)

Certified on:2018

Our Works

Initial Assessment

Onsite Assessment

LEED Certification Strategy

Construction Oversight

LEED Documentation

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