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"Healthy China 2030" focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles, optimizing health services, improving health security, building a healthy environment, and developing the health industry, in order to accelerate the development of the health field.

Promoting the construction of a healthy China is an important foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieving socialist modernization. It is a national strategy to comprehensively improve the health quality of the Chinese nation and achieve coordinated development of people's health and the economy and society.

Providing users of buildings with healthier environments, facilities and services, and promoting the physical and mental health of building users is the basis for achieving healthy building performance, while satisfying the functional requirements of the building.

The evaluation of healthy buildings should follow the principle of interdisciplinary integration, and comprehensively evaluate the indicators of air, water, comfort, fitness, humanity, and service of the building.

Certification Level


In healthy buildings, each category of indicators mentioned above includes prerequisite conditions and scoring points. Healthy buildings should meet all the requirements of the prerequisite conditions, and their certification level is determined by the sum of scores in each category.

The maximum score for healthy building certification is 110 points, and the certification level is divided into three levels from low to high, with the following score requirements:

• One-star level: 50-59 points;

• Two-star level: 60-79 points;

• Three-star level: 80-110 points.

Related Standards

Certification and Application

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