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WELL is the world's first standard that focuses on the health and well-being of building occupants. Through collaboration with top international doctors, scientists, and professionals, and after years of rigorous research, WELL has established a set of systematic guidelines for different types of healthy buildings worldwide. These guidelines correspond to the health system requirements of people and aim to improve the comfort of spaces through building design, integrating space, function, and scenarios in a multidimensional way, emphasizing multidimensional health in terms of physical, psychological, and social aspects.



Obtaining WELL certification for a building project means that it places a high priority on the health of its occupants. From a building perspective, achieving WELL certification reflects a project's commitment to providing residents with high-quality living standards, promoting health and comfort, and enhancing the building's image. In the post-pandemic era, people's concept of living has changed, with many people now focusing not only on the building itself but also on the feelings of the people inside it. There is a greater emphasis on human-centered care in building and creating living scenarios for communities. Obtaining WELL certification is a testament to a building's focus on user health and a powerful endorsement of its commitment to putting people first.

Certification Processes

WELL Concepts

WELL certification includes the following ten concepts:

Air: Maintaining high indoor air quality through diverse measures.

Water: Quality, distribution, and control of liquid water within the building, including provisions for drinking water and pollutant thresholds, etc.

Nourishment: Providing access to fruits and vegetables and nutritional transparency, and creating healthy food environments

Light: Promoting exposure to light to create a visual, psychological, and physiological environment that promotes health.

Movement: Promoting physical activity in daily life through environmental design, policies, and programs to ensure opportunities for movement in our culture, buildings, and communities.


Thermal Comfort: Meeting individual thermal preferences by improving the design and control of HVAC systems, enhancing productivity, and providing maximum thermal comfort.

Sound: Identifying and regulating acoustic comfort parameters that users experience in the building environment to enhance the health and well-being of residents.

Materials: Reducing human exposure to harmful materials and minimizing the use of chemicals that may impact health during the construction, renovation, decoration, and operation of buildings.

Mind: Promoting mental health by addressing various factors that affect cognition and emotional well-being through policies, programs, and design strategies.

Community: Supporting accessibility to basic healthcare, establishing a healthy culture that can adapt to different population needs, and creating an inclusive and highly engaged community of residents.

WELL Certification Level

The WELL certification has four levels, from lowest to highest: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The required score for each level is as follows:

Bronze: 40-49 points;

Silver: 50-59 points;

Gold: 60-79 points;

Platinum: 80-110 points.


The WELL certification includes ten major concepts, each with prerequisites and score points. To achieve certification, a healthy building must meet all prerequisite requirements and the certification level is determined by the total score across the categories.

Weighting is already considered when scoring each of the ten concepts of air, water, nourishment, movement, light, sound, thermal comfort, materials, mind, and community, so separate weighting coefficients are not needed. 

Each concept can earn a maximum of 12 points, and the total score for the ten concepts does not exceed 100 points. Additionally, an innovation category can earn up to 10 points. Therefore, the maximum score for WELL certification is 110 points.

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