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What is carbon-neutral office?

Traditional offices consume a lot of energy, are not environmentally friendly, have low workstation utilization rates, single-function office areas, high costs, and lack flexibility.

A carbon-neutral office is a workplace that has achieved carbon neutrality in its operations. This means that the office has implemented measures to reduce its carbon footprint, such as using energy-efficient equipment, reducing waste, and using renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines. Any remaining greenhouse gas emissions are then offset by purchasing carbon credits or investing in other carbon offsetting projects.



In recent years, many leading domestic and foreign enterprises have announced their carbon neutrality goals, establishing a positive image of corporate social responsibility. For these enterprises, in addition to facilities such as data centers, factories, and logistics parks being the main sources of emissions, the daily operation of their own office also generates carbon emissions that are directly related to their employees. Only by creating carbon-neutral scenarios that are closest to people's lives can the concept of carbon neutrality be better ingrained in people's minds. The path to achieving a carbon-neutral office includes the following aspects:

1. Green Office

Fully utilize network office systems to promote paperless office; advocate for video conferencing; use electricity and water wisely; recycle and sort waste; save food and participate in the Clean Plate Campaign

2. Green Transportation

Encourage commuting by public transportation or driving new energy vehicles instead of driving private cars; encourage low-carbon commuting within 1 kilometer by walking and within 3 kilometers by cycling.

3. Flexible Workplace

Dividing the office space according to the required functions and maximizing the utilization rate of the functional areas and workstations can save office space, achieve smaller per capita space, and reduce carbon emissions. This is the most direct and effective way to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction in a carbon-neutral office.

4. Elininating Executive Offices

One of the characteristics of a "flexible office" is to eliminate executive offices, which is also to maximize the utilization rate of workstations.

5. Transformation

Encourage employees to participate fully in the transformation of the office and try flexible workstation changes in the original office space. This can increase their sense of involvement and make it easier for them to accept changes in the way they work.

6. Green Procurement

Establish a green procurement system and prioritize the purchase of energy-saving, water-saving, environmentally friendly, and recycled green products. Eliminate high-energy-consumption office equipment and promote the use of energy-saving new products and technologies.

Certification Processses

1. Carbon-neutral office certification

Verification and certification by qualified and authoritative organizations.


2. Archieving carbon offset and compliance through carbon trading

Offsetting and compliance can be achieved through purchasing green electricity, green certificates, carbon credits, and CCERs (Chinese Certified Emissions Reductions) on the green equity market based on the greenhouse gas emissions amount calculated in the greenhouse gas emissions verification report, at the lowest possible cost.


3. GHG emission

Calculate and verify the carbon emissions generated during the operation of the office over the past year, issue a greenhouse gas emission verification report, and determine the greenhouse gas emissions generated during the operation of the office over the past year (the carbon emissions that need to be offset).

4. Management

Establish a carbon management system for the office, continuously track energy usage and calculate the carbon emissions during the operation period; adopt more flexible office solutions to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

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