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Sustainable and Healthy Building

Assisting customers in tailoring optimal sustainable and health-promoting building solutions through expert and streamlined collaboration.


Why do we need Sustainable Buildings?

The building sector constitutes over 40% of worldwide energy consumption, with nearly one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions stemming from building-related activities.

Throughout their entire life cycle, green buildings generate significant energy savings. In contrast to conventional buildings, green buildings require fewer resources and generate minimal waste.

Sustainable Commute/Community Services/Nature Rehabilitation

Water Conservation/Landscaping/Efficient Irrigation

Green Construction/Environmental Materials/Recycled Materials

Energy Conservation/System Commissioning/Intelligent Control

Clean air/Occupant Health/User Experience


Why do we need healthy buildings?

We spend around 90% of our lives indoors. The quality of the indoor environment has a significant impact on our health, well-being, and productivity. Exposure to indoor air pollutants, toxins and microorganisms on surfaces, and person-to-person contact in homes, workplaces, transportation, and other public and private areas can increase the risk of various diseases.

Clean Water/Fresh Air

Nature Exposure/Serene Environment

Nutritious Diet/Circadian Rhythm

Fitness Support/Work-life Balance

Mental Health/Stress Relief

Since 2005, we have been providing a diverse range of certification and consulting services in the fields of 「Sustainable building」 and「Healthy Building」 for both Chinese and international clients with varying needs.

Our Consulting Services

Other Consulting Services

Our Building Services

CFD simulation and analysis

Conduct numerical simulation and analysis of CFD for urban wind , residential area wind field, and indoor environment.

Simulate and analyze the air flow organization of indoor ventilation and air conditioning.

Simulate and analyze the wind environment in outdoor areas.

Electrical and mechanical system commissioning

The full-process commissioning of the mechanical and electrical system is a necessary process and means to achieve the design intent.

LEED provides guidance for full-process commissioning and enhanced commissioning;

System commissioning and re-commissioning

Energy consumption assessment and energy audit

Analyze the energy use level and management status of the building, and analyze the energy-saving potential and propose energy-saving recommendations.

Inspect, test and analyze the energy consumption level, indoor environmental quality, energy utilization efficiency and other aspects of the building.

Environment monitoring and inspection

Indoor environment testing, including indoor acoustic environment, natural light environment, ventilation effects, and indoor air quality.

Outdoor environment testing, including outdoor air quality, light pollution, environmental noise, and heat island intensity.

Indoor air quality online monitoring and management.

Shared energy-saving transformation service

Share energy-saving benefits with owners through energy-saving retrofits and applying for government subsidies.

Obtain a green building operation evaluation label.

Provide one-stop energy system investment, construction, operation and management services.

Energy consumption monitoring and control platform

By installing sub-metering energy measurement devices in public buildings, and using remote transmission to collect energy consumption data in real time, a management and control platform is established for online monitoring and dynamic analysis of energy consumption in public buildings. This platform enables the monitoring, management, and control of system energy consumption.


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