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What is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is an international green building certification system established and implemented by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 1993. The LEED certification system is currently considered the most comprehensive and influential evaluation standard in various types of building environmental assessments, green building assessments, and building sustainability assessments around the world.  It has become a model for countries around the world to establish their own green building and sustainability assessment standards.


The LEED certification system has many sub-systems based on project type and function, but the technical framework of each sub-system is essentially the same, including nine categories of indicators.

LEED Certification Level


In LEED certification, each category of indicators includes prerequisites and credit points. A green building must meet all the prerequisite requirements, and its certification level is determined by the sum of scores in each category.

The maximum score in the LEED certification system is 110 points, and the certification levels range from lowest to highest as follows:

Certified: 40-49 points;

Silver: 50-59 points;

Gold: 60-79 points;

Platinum: 80-110 points.

LEED Rating Systems


LEED Certification Processes

Certification processes include:

Project registration: Complete the project information online registration on USGBC's LEED-Online.

Implementation of LEED technical requirements: Implement the LEED technical requirements in the project's planning, design, construction, operation, and renovation stages according to the LEED certification score scheme provided by the LEED consultant.

LEED review: The LEED consultant collects and organizes the project's drawings, documents, materials, and records during the previous stage and submits them to USGBC for two rounds of (initial and final) review.

Obtaining LEED certification: After passing the LEED review, the LEED consultant will book the LEED certificate and plaque for the project and hand them over to the client upon receiving the physical items mailed by USGBC.

LEED Certificate and Plaque

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