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LEED AP Training

LEED certification is a green building certification system established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 1998, and is currently the most internationally recognized green building certification system. China is currently the largest market for LEED certification outside of the United States, with over 5,000 LEED certified projects and steady growth in recent years. With the introduction of China's carbon neutrality strategy and goals, the green building market in China is expected to accelerate further. Currently, high-end projects in first- and second-tier cities have made LEED certification a standard for showcasing project quality and excellent energy-efficient and low-carbon performance, including various types such as urban complexes, office buildings, and hotels.



LEED AP (Accredited Professional) is a green building certification qualification awarded by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Building industry professionals must pass the LEED AP exam to obtain this qualification, which covers various technical requirements of the LEED V4 certification system.

• LEED AP BD+C is targeted towards professionals involved in the design and construction phases of new construction projects, such as architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, landscape designers, and so on.

• LEED AP O+M is targeted towards professionals involved in the operation and maintenance phases of existing projects, such as technical personnel from property management companies, energy conservation and renovation companies, and so on.

Why LEED AP credential?

• To gain an understanding of the principles of green building, master green building design strategies and technical requirements, and enhance personal professional capabilities;

• To enter the green building community, establish connections with other professionals, participate in green building industry events, and expand personal network within the industry;

• To meet the green building expert qualification requirements in project bidding and avoid missing major opportunities in green building projects;

• To help the team form design characteristics, increase the competitiveness of design schemes, strive for more opportunities in green building projects, and enhance the team's industry reputation;

• When participating in green building projects, it can effectively reduce the frequency and time of communication on green building-related issues, ensuring the smooth progress of projects;

• To lead or promote the practice of green building projects, promote the sustainable development transformation of the construction industry, and participate in the development and promotion of green building standards and policies.

Course Schedule

The course schedule for LEED training is typically 2 days, focusing on LEED CORE CONCEPTS and LEED BD+C V4 certification system as the main learning content. The specific course contents include:

• Introduction to LEED certification system

• LEED exam registration process

• Detailed explanation of LEED GA technical points

• LEED GA mock exam

• Detailed explanation of LEED AP BD+C technical points

• LEED AP BD+C mock exam

• On-site interactive Q&A

• Post-course and pre-exam Q&A

• Assistance with exam registration and appointment scheduling.


Through LEED AP exam,you will achieve a LEED AP certificate:

Training Processes


*Das Daring promises that students who fail the exam for the first time can attend the training again for free.

*Das Daring can assist in paying for the LEED GA and AP exam fees, and the fees will be charged according to the official prices of GBCI.

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