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Project introduction
  • Owner:Shouao Real Estate
  • Project Type:Winter sports venues
  • Site Area:16,363 sqm

  • Gross Floor Area:202 sqm
  • Joint Design Units: THAD, Beijing

  • Joint Design Units: CCTN, Hangzhou


The Big Air Shougang, located in the Shougang Park area of Shijingshan District in Beijing, is the venue for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding big air events at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The Big Air Shougang consists of three parts: the track, judges' tower, and spectator area, with a track length of 164 meters, a maximum width of 34 meters, and a highest point of 60 meters. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese team won two gold medals at the Big Air Shougang. The Big Air Shougang is the first competition venue in Winter Olympic history to be directly integrated with industrial heritage reuse. It is located in the industrial park of Shougang and has been upgraded using industrial resources such as the cooling tower of the Capital Iron and Steel Corporation. It is also the world's first permanent ski jump to be preserved and used.


Snowmaking: Fully automatic 

Energy management: 

System management, 



Water consumption: 1.1m³/㎡·a

 (per unit area of ski slope)

Alternative Water Usage:100%


Particle filtration efficiency: 95%

Pollutant concentration: < 90% 

Outdoor wind environment: 

uniform flow field distribution


Recycled Materials Usage:17.5%

Sust. Materials:100%

Rating System

China GBL, Winter sports venues

Certification Level:Three-Stars

Ceritified on:2020

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