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Carbon neutrality and sustainable development consulting services

The advancement of human society and economy has come at a great cost to the natural environment, causing imbalances in the carbon cycle and irreparable damage to the ecosystem. In response, nature has launched a form of "resistance" against human activity

——Greenhouse effect and various ecological disasters

Climate Action

Paris Agreement

In the backdrop of the Paris Climate Agreement, more than half of the world’s countries have made their "carbon neutral" commitments

China‘s Commitment

In 2020, during the United Nations General Assembly, China declared its ambitious goal of attaining carbon neutrality by 2060. To meet this objective, China pledged to implement more favorable policies and measures, aiming to reach the carbon peak by 2030

Organization‘s responsibility

Major enterprises responded positively, set low carbon and sustainable development goals, formulated energy conservation and carbon reduction solutions, and disclosed carbon reduction and target progress

Everyone participate

In the backdrop of the Paris Climate Agreement, more than half of the world’s countries have made their "carbon neutral" commitments

We provide consulting services to help「Companies」and「Buildings」reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and achieve sustainable, green, and low-carbon development

Organization GHG Strategy and Sustainable Development

Science-Based Target initiative

The world's climate action initiative with the most participating companies. We help organizations set SBTi-compliant carbon reduction targets and join the initiative, and develop effective action plans to achieve short- or long-term emissions reductions.

Organization GHG Inventory

We use ISO standards and other relevant standards to calculate a company's greenhouse gas emissions. Our customized approach provides accurate data, identifies reduction opportunities, and helps develop carbon reduction plans.

ESG Solutions

Our team improves enterprise ESG ratings by identifying gaps with relevant standards, providing improvement plans, and helping implement suggestions. This demonstrates a commitment to ESG, allows businesses to address hotspots, understand rating agency expectations, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

Net-zero Office

We develop customized carbon management solutions for offices, including green transportation, sustainable procurement, and eco-friendly office practices, to help companies accelerate their journey towards carbon neutrality.

Product Carbon Footprint

We help businesses collect greenhouse gas emissions data across various product life cycle stages to optimize product carbon footprints. This showcases a company's commitment to addressing climate impact and reducing emissions throughout a product's life cycle, demonstrating transparency and credibility to potential customers.

GHG Strategy Training

We provide customized low carbon development training for enterprises, delivering professional guidance and training on carbon neutrality and organization carbon neutralization solutions, equipping businesses with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve carbon neutrality

Building Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development


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